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Individualist in Christ

To every individualist whose name is known only to God—who struggle and is castigated as controversial, confrontational and an instigator, I say be brave.

By Nick of Fluh

I am an individualist who follows my own Christo-centric path in the face of public conformity such as inclusiveness, sustainability, diversity, etc. People who subscribe to such delusions are collectivists, new world order dilettantes. They despise individuality, faith in God and they worship Mammon, that is, the altar of money and power. Apparently most people subscribe to the latter. They are merely pawns who wait anxiously for rewards from their masters.

Two millennium ago, an itinerant holy man claiming to be the “Son of Man” taught mankind the way to eternal salvation and happiness. He was abandoned by his believers, tortured and crucified. His sin? He preached and demonstrated to everyone that He is the Son of God. He brought light and salvation to his brothers. But, He was considered an evildoer who had dealt with a demon mankind dreaded. You don’t have to read Scripture alone to verify this. Go read the Talmud. But thereafter, more and more men had the fire of His grace through the Holy Ghost to keep them warm, in spirit and in truth. Yes, He left them a gift they had not conceived and He had lifted darkness off the face of the earth. His faithful followers even went joyfully to their death, confounding their executioners and the general public as well.

Centuries later, regardless of all the heresies and schisms, His truth perseveres. And His followers suffer to this day as He promised to his disciples when He was still on the earth. Go look to history even up to the present day, e.g. the bombings at a Catholic Church on Jolo Island in the Philippines that killed at least 27 people injuring dozens, by representatives of the so-called religion of peace, Muslim terrorists. Yet, His kingdom “is not of this world.” What an individualist!

He offers each one of us, individuals made in the image and likeness of God, The Eternal Prize. Tragically, today we condemn and blaspheme Him publicly and privately in innumerable ways. We defy His Father and pass laws that condemn poor unborn souls to merciless death (New York State Constitution). Ah, the idol, Moloch, has returned and enjoys his satanic meal with delight.

That Son of Man, the unsubmissive and first of all because He is the Alpha and the Omega, stands as Creator, since the opening chapter of history for every element of creation since its beginning. He is no legend. He is the only reality. Adam and his progeny were condemned to suffer—because Adam ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, that is, good and evil. Whatever the man deems as legend, somewhere in the shadows of our memory we know that glory began with one Creator and one Redeemer for the sins of all beginning with Adam.

Throughout the centuries there were good men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their belief in Christ. Their goals were the same but their methods were unique to each of them. They all had one thing in common: that the first step be belief, the road straight and true, the vision unadulterated by self-interest, and the purpose being charity and love of brother, knowing full well the response they would receive—hatred. These men and women are victims for the Greater Glory of God. Many of them were then and are today martyrs for the Faith. Individuals who care nothing for the collective interests of society and the world. They were great Christian individualists –religious, military, politicians, thinkers, artists, scientists, even inventors—who stood alone against the men and the society of their time. Whether Pope St. Pius X, St. Pio of Pietrelcina, St. Paul, Maria Gaetan Agnesi, Jacques Babinet, Blaise Pascal, Louis Pasteur, Leonardo da Vinci, Richard Cœur de Lion, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, or King John III Sobieski, they persevered. Every new principle, thought and strategy they proposed was opposed. Every great new invention to help mankind was denounced. The first internal combustion engine, invented by Fr. Eugenio Barsanti was considered foolish. The airplane as conceived by Leonardo De Vinci was considered impossible. Wireless communication as invented by Guglielmo Marconi was a breakthrough never dreamed of. The great chemist, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier was guillotined during the French Revolution. Nevertheless such great individualists with unborrowed vision went ahead. They fought, they suffered and they paid. But they won.

No such individualist was prompted by a desire to serve oneself. Such selfishness destroys hunger and could only introduce a slothful routine to one’s lives. The pursuit of truth is the only motive. It includes Absolute Truth, and a disciplined means to achieve the pursuit of truth in one’s own way. A symphony, a book, an engine, a philosophy, an airplane or a building, and medical cures—that is the goal and their lives.

Ironically, they are not those who benefit from what is created. There is no time for adulation. New creations, must be pursued. Their vocation is creation, for the greater Glory of God; which of course is a true form of charity for one’s fellow man. And the invention created gave bone and sinew to the truth discovered. These individuals held their truths above all earthly things and against all men.

Vision, strength, and courage came by the grace of God to the soul of each individual. This substantiates the individuality of each man’s spirit (soul), not focused on ego, but on love. And that soul utilizes its knowledge of good and evil, that is, one’s conscience. Carefully, one must deduce, think, feel, judge, and finally to act subordinating one’s ego to the Will of the Almighty. This is the most difficult battle for such an individualist.

And this is the key secret of the individualist’s power. It is perceived by others as the whole secret of such power—that it is self-sufficient, self-motivated, and self-generated. A first cause, a fount of energy, a life force, a Prime Mover. But that is a fallacy. The individualist serves nothing and no one but God through his or her vocation. Such rare people live for their vocation devoted to the Will of God. Dare I say, they are a victim soul of sorts.

Living in such a manner these good souls are able to achieve things which are a glory for mankind, small and large. For as Scripture teaches, each person is given a unique set of ‘Talents’ to be utilized for any varying amount of return to God. Such is the nature of these achievement. For unlike popular Masonic beliefs, no man is created equal in the sight of God. It matters not. What matters is what one does with what is given.

Today, looking at the growing anarchy, violence and refutation of God by man throughout the world, one can only conclude that man cannot survive except by returning to the fundamental Truth. Otherwise, we come on earth unarmed, unprotected and unable to oppose the brutal and effective means of satanic concupiscence. Our brain is not our only weapon. Our soul is not our only weapon. Think we evolved from animals? Animals obtain food by force. Man has no claws, no fangs, no horns, and no great strength of muscle. The Bible teaches we must plant our food or hunt it. To plant, we need a process of disciplined and moral thought. To hunt, we need weapons, and to make weapons—a process of disciplined and moral thought. As individuals each one of us must focus first on our individual moral thoughts before addressing the ethics of the masses, that is, collectivism.

And our morals must be based on Roman Catholic traditional teachings otherwise we fall prey to the evil one. From the simplest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the next generation of wireless communication, everything we are and everything we have derived comes from a single attribute of man—the ability to function with reason and submission to God’s will. We can identify and split the atom for good and for evil. That is what the Tree of Knowledge gave us.

Despite what the collectivists preach, the mind is subservient to the individual’s soul. We are not victims of an immutable law of cause and effect. Each of us must not capitulate to the main stream media and their new world order fanatics who pressure us to comply for they know best. There is no such thing as a collective brain. There is no such thing as a collective thought. An agreement reached by a group is only a compromise or an average drawn upon many individual thoughts. It is cheap compromise that ultimately deteriorates into a mass of political and spiritual putrefaction. The primary act—the process of reason—should not and must not be compromised by such irrational behavior. No good ultimately can come from it. That is why we have innumerable wars and conflicts. We can divide a meal among many men. We cannot digest it in a collective stomach. No man can use his lungs to breathe for another man. It follows that no man can use his brain to think for another. Look at how societies and governments are pressuring citizens to take the Covid-19 "Kill-shot" and obtain a "Passport" to conduct one's personal affairs publicly. Yet, in a Catholic sense, all the functions of body and spirit are private. They cannot be shared or transferred. But, they can be influenced by the collective. On the other hand, they can be coopted ultimately by God and blest and protected by His Church in gratitude to the Almighty.

And the creative faculty of an individual cannot be given or received, shared or borrowed. It is possessed by each and every single, individual person. But, it is not owned by the individual. It is ‘loaned’ by God to such individual for His Greater Glory. For there is only one Creator. Men may learn from one another. But all such learning is only the exchange of creative thoughts given by God. A corollary to this is no man can give another the capacity to think. That capacity is God given. It offers each of us a means for survival here and beyond.

Nothing is given to man on earth. The Bible teaches us that. Everything one needs has to be produced. And here man faces his basic alternative: survival in only one of two ways—by the independent work of one’s faculties or as a parasite fed by the minds of others.

Think I exaggerate? Look at the commercial world and society today. Look at the chattels behaving as if they are important, having careers and pursuing happiness that the media insists must be self-gratification, subordinating marriage, family and self-respect.

The individual originates. The parasite borrows. The individual faces the world alone. The parasite faces it through an intermediary. What did Christ say, “My kingdom is not of this world?”

The individual concern is the Will of God for the conquest of nature. The parasite’s concern is the conquest of men for their own selfish benefit. The individual lives for one’s vocation. He or she needs no other man for this purpose. The primary goal is within this individual. And that goal must be The Eternal Prize. The parasite lives second-hand. It needs others. Others become its primary prey. Redistribution of wealth is a popular banner. This is why collectivism, today popularly known as socialism, but is nothing more than atheistic communism is the driving force among mankind.

The basic need of the individual is independence because this individual must be submissive to God’s Will alone. The reasoning mind should not work under any form of compulsion to any community-of-interest. It must not be curbed, sacrificed or subordinated to any consideration whatsoever such as a community. It must demand total independence in function and in motive. To such a person, all relations with other people are secondary.

Some suggest that this includes freedom from religion. That is a fallacy. God gave us the Catholic faith for one reason only, salvation of our souls. And the means for that is Christ’s teachings through Scripture and Tradition. Remember that God is the Creator. We are the created. He gives us the grace bestowed to the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church alone. It is the primary gift to our creative faculties to help guide our reasoning towards God’s Will, not man, and not the community. This is one key reason why Pope St. Pius X condemned Modernism.

Therefore, an individual cannot be an atheist. Being an atheist, the poor soul ignores the last four things that is, Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell. Does not Blaise Pascal’s theorem, “an infinite reward is worth a finite wager” apply here?

The basic need of the parasite is to secure its ties with others in order to be fed. It places relations first. Such people declare that man exists in order to serve others. Altruism is preached.

Altruism is the doctrine which demands that man live for others and place others above self. It is a perverted philosophy that denies the reality of each and the responsibility of each and every individual.

What I am about to proclaim is not anti-Christian. No man can live for another. Serving another is not living for another. Man cannot share his or her spirit just as he cannot share his body. But the collectivist or socialist second-hander uses altruism as a weapon of exploitation and reverses the base of mankind’s moral principles. Men are taught every precept that destroys the individualist. Men are taught that dependence is a virtue.

The tragedy of such a self is that an individual who attempts to live for others is a dependent. Worse, that person is selfish. Selfish? Because that person believe that he or she alone can determine what constitutes value and utility for others and for society. Look at all the so-called leaders who attend all these secret meetings like Davos. They all have their own self agenda for the masses. Ironically they are parasites, not only in motive but also to those whom they serve; not God but Satan. Their relationship within their ‘secret societies’ produces nothing but mutual corruption. It is impossible in concept. The nearest approach to it in reality—the man who lives to serve others—is the slave. And yet they feel so enriched and powerful. If physical slavery is repulsive, how much more repulsive is the concept of servility of the spirit? The conquered slave has a trace of honor. The slave has the absurd merit of having resisted others who resist the slave’s behavior and beliefs and even consider such a condition evil.

But the man who enslaves himself voluntarily in the name of such selfish love is the basest of creatures. This man degrades the dignity of all mankind and degrades the concept of love. This is the essence of altruism.

We are taught by society, educational institutions and the media that the highest virtue is not to achieve, but to give. My God, look at all the government programs, 501cc ventures and .orgs out there. They are directing trillions of dollars based on their altruistic agenda. With all these trillions expensed, where are the cures, the peace and the abundance of food and shelter? Yet, one cannot give that which one has not created. Creation comes before distribution—or there will be nothing to distribute. The need for creation comes before the need of any possible beneficiary. Yet we are taught to admire the second-hander, the so-called "Not for Profit" entity who dispenses gifts he has not produced above the man who made the gifts possible. Isn’t that the fundamental message of redistribution of income and wealth all about? We praise it as an act of charity. What is charitable about forcing others to pay a tax for political and social programs? What is charitable about the government providing all sorts of tax advantages to the .orgs? Where is the individual act of charity? To conclude, such behavior is a disincentive to use our creative faculties to affect achievement.

The never ending beat of the drums taunt our mind that our first and primary concern is to relieve the sufferings of others. Yet, didn’t Christ say, “The poor will always be with you. But when the Son of Man returns will He find faith?”

The Roman Catholic Church traditionally taught that suffering is not a disease. It is redemptive. Yet, we are taught otherwise. As a result should one come across it, one is compelled to give relief and assistance. In today’s corrupt society, it is made the highest test of virtue making suffering the most important part of life. It has been monetized throughout society that even Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) make a fantastic economic profit from it. With all the trillions of dollars redistributed to such efforts, has suffering been reduced substantially?

The other side of the coin of suffering is ironic and evil. It is to see others suffer—in order that we may justify ourselves appearing to be virtuous. Look at the efforts of the United States’ military effort in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan. Such is the nature of altruism. Such deluded souls are not concerned with suffering, but with zero sum gain. All they succeeded in doing is eliminate one form of suffering with another, in man’s body and spirit, and brought more benefit and utility to their selfish interests than any Christian individual could ever conceive.

So, we are taught that it is a virtue to agree with others. We must agree. But the individual is the man who disagrees. We are deluge with propaganda that it is a virtue to swim with the current. But the individual is the man who goes against the current. Men are taught that it is a virtue to stand together. But the individual is the man, like Jesus Christ, who stands alone.

Man’s ego can become the synonym of evil, and selflessness the ideal virtue of such parasites. The collectivist is the truly corrupt egotist in the absolute sense, whereas the selfless man, the individual, is the one who does not think, feel, judge or act for selfish interests. This is the infernal battle within the conscience of all mankind, that is, the battle between good and evil.

And this battle can be most deadly. Collectivists know this have gone out of their way to pervert man’s thinking persuading each poor soul that he or she has no alternative—and no freedom; otherwise he or she is doomed. They propose to us polluted views of poles of good and evil, where each of us are offered two conceptions: egotism and altruism. Egotism held to mean the sacrifice of others to self. Altruism—the sacrifice of self to others. Without Christian ideals this ties us irrevocably to the collective ‘others’ and leaves us with nothing but a choice of pain: our own pain borne for the sake of others or pain inflicted upon others for the sake of self. Neither situation offers us the Cross of Salvation. It represents a delusion of conscience that directs us to eternal perdition. You wonder why the three shepherd children of Fatima saw so many poor souls go to Hell?

When it is added that man must find joy in self-immolation, the trap is closed. We are forced to accept masochism as our ideal—under the threat that sadism is our only alternative. This dialectic is one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on mankind.

This is the satanic device by which dependence and suffering is perpetuated as fundamentals of life. One has eaten of the forbidden fruit. Welcome brave new world to the knowledge of good and evil!

The choice is not self-sacrifice or domination. The choice is independence or dependence. The code of the individual or the code of the second-hander. This is the quintessential issue. It rests upon the alternative of life or death. The code of the individual is built on the needs of creative faculties which facilitates man’s survival. The code of the second-hander, the collectivist or the communist, is built on the needs of a mind incapable of survival. Such people are fatalists. All that which proceeds from man’s independent ego is good. All that which proceeds from man’s dependence upon men is evil.

The individual in the absolute sense is not the man who sacrifices others. It is the man who stands above the desire of expensing others in any manner for his or her benefit. The individual does not function through them. The individual is not concerned with them in any primary matter. It is not in one’s aim, not in one’s motive, not in one’s thinking, not in one’s desires, not in the source of one’s energy. The individual does not exist for any other man—and he asks no other man to exist for him. The individual exists only for the Greater Glory of God. This is the only form of brotherhood and mutual respect possible among men.

As noted earlier degrees of ability that is talent varies, but the basic principle remains the same: the degree of a man’s independence, initiative and personal love for one’s work determines one’s talent as a worker and one’s worth as a man. Independence is the gauge of human virtue and value. What a man is and makes of oneself; not what he or she has or hasn’t done for others. There is no substitute for personal humility as viewed by God. But dignity is a reflection of such humility. There can be no standard of personal dignity except independence.

In all proper social relationships there is no sacrifice of anyone to anyone. For example, an architect needs clients, but the architect should not subordinate his or her work to their wishes. An architect’s work is valued, but the buyer does not order a house just to give the architect a commission. Architects exchange their work by free, mutual consent to mutual advantage when their personal interests agree and both parties desire the exchange. If they do not desire it, they are not forced to deal with each other. They seek elsewhere. This is the only possible form of relationship between equals. Anything else is a relation of slave to master, or victim to executioner. The exchange of money is simply a concluding step that authenticates the agreement among them.

Make no mistake. Inventions cannot be imagined or created without the individual contribution via creative faculties. The greatest inventions have always been conceived first by the individual. No such endeavor should or can ever be done collectively. In the corporate world, every creative endeavor ideally is originated and achieved under the leadership and guidance of a single individual thought. A designer/engineer requires a great many technicians to develop a successful outcome. But the designer does not ask them to vote on the design. That is done by the investor, via a justification process such as a business case and with the approval of the project by all parties. Together by free agreement and by vocation each engineer is free within one’s proper function to engage in the process. The engineers use all sorts of materials and processes to realize a product. But the materials remain simply what they are until each individual touches them. What the individual does with them is his individual product and his individual property. This is the only pattern for proper cooperation among men.

The first license by God to man after “The Fall” on earth is the right of the ego, and man’s free will. Man’s first duty is to himself. The moral law is never to place one’s prime goal within the persons of others. We all answers ultimately to God. Our moral obligation is to do what each one of us wishes, provided our wishes do not violate God’s Will. And such a person’s compass is the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The individualist should never depend primarily upon other men. In today’s world this includes “bad shepherds”. This includes the whole sphere of the individualist’s creative faculty, thinking, and work. It does not include the sphere of the gangster, the altruist and the dictator.

A man thinks and works alone. A man cannot rob, exploit or rule—alone. Robbery, exploitation and ruling presuppose victims. This implies dependence. This is the province of the second-hander, the collectivist, the communist.

The globalists are not egotists. They create nothing. They exist entirely through the subjugation of others. Their goal is in their subjects, in the activity of enslaving. Whether Bill Gates or George Soros, they are as dependent as the beggar, the social worker and the bandit. The form of dependence does not matter.

Today, we are taught to regard second-handers—tyrants, emperors, dictators—as exponents of egotism. This is the dialectic of the haves and the have nots. As a result, by this fraud these collectivists are out to destroy the ego, themselves and others. The purpose of the fraud remains, that is, to destroy mankind. Or to harness them. Which, ironically is a synonym.

From the beginning of history, the two antagonists have stood face to face: the individual and the collectivist. When Abel’s offer to God was accepted and Cain’s ignored, Cain killed Abel. Cain moved away from his family inventing altruism.

Throughout history the individual—denied, opposed, persecuted, exploited—went on, moved forward and carried all humanity along on his energy. The collectivist contributed nothing to the process except the impediments.

The contest has another name: the individual versus the collective.

The ‘common good’ of a collective—a race, a class, a state—was the claim and justification of every tyranny ever established over mankind. There is nothing Christian about it. It is demonic. Every major horror of history was committed in the name of an altruistic motive. Has any act of selfishness ever equaled the carnage perpetrated by disciples of altruism? Where does the fault lie; in man’s hypocrisy or in the nature of the principle? The most dreadful butchers always appear to be most sincere and dedicated. They believed in the perfect society reached through the guillotine and the firing squad. Nobody questions their right to murder since they are murdering for an altruistic purpose. It is accepted that man must be sacrificed for other men.

Actors change, but the course of the tragedy remains the same. A humanitarian who starts with declarations of love for mankind and ends with a sea of blood. It goes on and will go on so long as men believe that an action is good; regardless of intent. The altruist acts and forces victims to bear it. The leaders of collectivist movements publicly ask nothing for themselves. But observe the results. The only good which men can do to one another and the only statement of their proper relationship is—Hands off! Look at these demonic leaders. All of them are rich and powerful. Always have been.

It is an ancient conflict. Men have come close to the Truth, but ultimately it is destroyed each and every time some individualistic leader attempts to lead the chattels/ slaves to the false light of Lucifer. We are told that civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. Yet, history shows otherwise. The savage’s whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of the tribe. Civilization as presently taught and constructed is a lie. It is not a means for setting man free from men.

Now, in our age, collectivism, the rule of the second-hander and second-rater, the ancient monster, has broken loose and is running amuck. It has brought men to a level of intellectual indecency never equaled on earth. It has reached a scale of horror without precedent. It has poisoned every mind. It has swallowed most, if not all, of the world. It has engulfed the USA. The ultimate outcome is frightening.

I remain a Christian individualist. I know what is to come of me. I fear not. Mankind is approaching a world where God will intervene in an extraordinary fashion. What becomes of a vast majority of mankind I dread to contemplate.

Now you know why I must declare my position. Time is of the essence.

The promising hope of individualism is currently shattered. The love of a poor soul for the integrity of one’s thoughts and works and the right to persevere are now considered a vague and undesirable trait; if not antiquated intangible and an inessential. You hear it every day through the mainstream media.

And persecutions besides. Such acts never have any reason, unless it’s the vanity of some second-handers/ collectivist who feels he or she has a right to anyone’s property. Who permitted them to do it? No particular man among the many in authority. No one cares to permit it or to stop it. No one declares responsibility. No one is held accountable. After all, they are powerless. They claim to be victims as well. Such is the nature of all collective action.

The collectivist/socialists/communists declare it is my duty to contribute anything demanded of me. This is the second-hander’s credo now swallowing the world.

I declare here and now that I do not recognize anyone’s right to one minute of my life. Nor to any part of my energy or physical or mental health. Nor to any belief or achievement of mine. No matter who makes the claim, how large their number or how great their power or need; I refuse to serve.

I wish to conclude in saying that I am a man who does not exist for others. It has to be said. The world is perishing from an orgy of self-sacrifice.

I wished to say that the integrity of a man’s creative work and one’s ultimate salvation is of greater importance than any charitable, collective endeavor. Those of you who do not understand this are the men who’re destroying the world.

I recognize no obligations toward men except to love them as I love myself for the Greater Glory of God. I refuse to take part in a slave society. To my country, I pray for God’s forgiveness.

For every tortured hour of loneliness, denial, frustration, and abuse that an individualist receives—and to the battles won, I say take heart. To every individualist whose name is known only to God—who struggle and is castigated as controversial, confrontational and an instigator, I say be brave. To every individual who is persecuted in body and in spirit, I say, rejoice, your reward in Heaven is great.


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