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Nich Flüe Provened Correct: Benedict Was Pope Until His Death. Bergoglio is an Antipope.

Yours truly, Nich Flüe is vindicated in the article link below. The late Pope Benedict was coerced by the Cardinals, but he pulled a fast one and resigned only the administrative responsibilities as Bishop of Rome. And isn't that what the anti-pope Bergoglio calls himself? The article is by Andrea Cionci, in sfero ("social italiano") titled, Benedict XVI signaled the impeded see by his resignation at the Roman “hora vicesima” – “the twentieth hour”. It was also published by Joe Hoft (twin brother of TGP founder) on Gateway Pundit on February 12, 2023. The article is prophetic and provides a clear roadmap in the historical subterfuge by traitorous co-religious to remove the true pope from office. So the "Moose on the table" is: Is the Church "Sede Vacant"? I wonder.

Vindicated? You betcha. See these links on my website:

"Pastor Struck, The Sheep Scatter":

"Antipope Francis - Peter the Roman":

As these videos illustrate, I have been proclaiming the same message for years. Per Scripture, Tradition and Catholic Prophecies, Rome has lost the Faith. You better get ready because it is going to be a very bumpy ride for devout Catholics.


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