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Are Protestants Christians?

This question can become emotional. Regardless, we must avoid “feelings” and address this important question pragmatically, factually and rationally. This dissertation is in response to a commentator’s criticism to a video I produced.

By Nich Fluh

This question is particularly relevant regarding what constitutes the “Faith”. There is no way for us to be united if we do not profess the same Creed. Now then, Protestants deny many Catholic dogmas, such as Transubstantiation at the Mass and the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist; you deny the role of Our Lady in the birth, formation and redemption of Christ, and the dogmas related to her – the Immaculate Conception, Virgin before, during and after parturition, her Assumption to Heaven; further you deny the universal mediation of Most Holy Mary for all the graces that come from Heaven. Protestants also deny the existence of Purgatory and the value of prayers for the souls that are there; deny the intercession of the Saints before God; deny the Infallibility of the Pope and the Petrine Primacy; and many of Protestant sects even deny the role of the Hierarchy of the Bishops. Furthermore, Protestants deny the unity of the teachings of the Holy Scriptures by transposing themselves into as many different versions and interpretations as they want, following an arrogant lunacy of admitting free examination of the Bible; because of this, in practice they deny that the Bible is inspired by the Holy Ghost. These are some of the differences that exist between a Catholic and a Protestant. Now then, when one consciously deny so many important truths and dogmas of the true Faith left to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ, one cannot be in His grace or be called a Christian. Protestants constructed a different spiritual reality that they call Jesus, which has nothing to do with the real Jesus Christ whose sole Mystical Body is the Catholic Church. So then, this Jesus that Protestants adore is not the Word Incarnate. This person is someone else quite different from Him. Just as the false god the Jews adore is not the True God but the Devil, although they pretend he is and use the name God (cf. Jo 8: 44-45), yours also is not Our Lord Jesus Christ but the Devil. Regarding the "miracles" claimed by Protestants, Catholics typically believe that the ones that are not tricks by charlatan ministers in fact come from the Devil. In conclusion, we Catholics cannot be united with you Protestants unless you abjure all your heresies and officially adhere to the ensemble of dogmas of the Catholic Faith. Any other kind of "union" is the mirage of a false ecumenism that, with its total relativization of the truths of the Faith, is inexorably leading both Catholics and Protestants to Hell. We hope this answer will help you realize these truths and abandon your illusory feel-good saccharine heresy of universal salvation.


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