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Civil War in America -- The Movie

Y’all know that I have conveyed my expectations that a civil war will ensue in America based on a number of political, economic and religious aspects. It chimes in with such occurrences in a number of countries worldwide as prophecized by Catholic seers over the past 100 years plus, particularly in Europe. Please keep in mind that Catholic Prophecies indicate that the Russian (and their allies) will initiate a “surprise attack” on the West soon after civil war is in full gear in Italy and France (England soon after). Note that America and its allies may already be confronting the Russians, e.g. Ukraine and Middle East. And Italy and France are presently on the cusp of such an event (civil war).

Getting back to the movie noted above, it is relatively unique because the perspective that the producer, director and writers are attempting to convey is not sensationalistic, but focused on what the truly investigative journalists will observe and capture with their cameras. In other words, (though I have not seen the movie yet but plan to, and have listened to the director and producer about it) they are attempting to illustrate what is truly going on, that is, chaos and death all around, with no minced words or two-faced opinions or illustrations.

For me, this ties right into Catholic prophecies. I have done videos and podcasts of what is to come in America. It is no accident that the USA has not received prominent visits from the BVM over 100 years. Yeah, that includes Our Lady of the Americas. Why? Because I contend that the Western Hemisphere is owned by evil leaders. Our nations are in eclipse. Looking all around us is obvious. If you watched my videos on America, you will note that the majority of Blessed Virgin Mary visits are in the 19th Century. And these visits are coincidental with frightening events in the vicinity of the Marian Apparitions whether in New Orleans, Peshtego, Cleveland, or elsewhere. Yet on all these occasions, Our Lady encourages “Hope” when all seems lost. Remember this. What comes out of this only God knows. I suspect that whoever survives will not recognize any legacy to the past. Survivors will have to rely on Faith with Hope and Love to persevere in the ruins of what is left. This is something for everyone to contemplate.

So I recommend to go and see the movie. I believe it is a portal of what is to come.

Below is the link for the Trailer for Civil War

Yours in Christ -- Nich


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