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Time To Be Militant Catholics

Despite what some may declare, I am not insane. I have learned that I am a lucky man. This venue is the only place on earth, where I may speak the truth. People for various reasons want to deprive me of my right to speak the truth. Therefore, I know I may be a condemned man even if it is not official just yet.

In the end, like all poor souls, I will die. Does it truly matter how or where, so long as I gain “The Eternal Prize”? May I indulge your patience and attention for this relatively short dissertation or are you afraid of me too?

Last night I had a moment of weakness. I wanted to live fat, dumb and happy. I had very good reasons for wanting to live this way. The main stream media, neighbors, business associates, even family all want to encourage me to not be pessimistic, overtly critical of society, politically incorrect, dogmatic and inflexible. Pursue happiness to the fullest and ignore the challenges and corruption that fill the entire world. For life is an immutable process of cause and effect. We can all be victims, but it is wiser to be indifferent to such matters, or even ignorant and pursue self-appeasement. After all, as the popular saying of today goes, “It is what it is.”

Such fatalism by the majority of mankind strikes me as pathetic. And what makes this even more alarming is how united the main stream media, politicians, entertainers, religious and corporate leaders and other polluted and diluted dilatants are with regards to the need for and the beauty of the new world order. Their only disagreement is which means and how fast mankind must achieve this brave new world, a dialectic process indeed.

Yes, they really try to encourage me to see all the benefits to me personally, appealing to my inner thoughts and selfish desires. They encourage me to be stubbornly passionate, even extreme to the point of violence against anyone or anything that opposes this new world order.

But ironically, I see how these poor, demented souls are instituting random and organized paganism, violence and death worldwide right before my eyes, whether it be the Mandalay Massacre, 911, MS-13 gang violence, Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence, opioid/drug crisis, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution, mass murder of hundreds of million unborn calling it a “right”, breakdown of the family, growing institutionalization of so-called rights for perversions from homosexuality to pedophilia to even bestiality and the growing acceptance of Neo-paganism and witchcraft. In other words, the outright persecution of anything and anybody associated with Judaeo-Christian ethics.

So I now realize that whether I am officially identified on a poster board or in front of a judge and jury, ultimately I, just like others like me, must be condemned and in due course die for what I believe and uphold. I am not going to blame the billions of poor souls out there that accept the new world order. In a Shakespearean sense, they truly are tragic figures. I would rather be a “soldier” without glory but in a wonderful cause. I see now that militancy for our Faith and family, is the only weapon left for a desperate few people of Faith.

We must stop saying that militancy is wrong and it doesn’t pay. Oh, it does pay. It makes us suffer, starve and die. Though it increases one’s misery, it will shorten our slavery to evil and the new world order. That is a hard choice, I know. But even now the-powers-that-be are diverting their efforts to stop the growing counter-revolution in America and throughout the world.

Yet, first we have to fight ourselves. Yes! Any evil occupation of any country or society with designs to destroy that nation or society’s Christian heritage is possible only because the people have been corrupted. I accuse myself first. Like many of us, I was willing to behave as Dostoevsky prophesized in The Grand Inquisitor, “Make us your slaves. Just feed us and give us circus…” We see it every day in our neighborhoods and on TV. People are making a killing at the expense of others. It is a zero-sum game, doggie dog world, and I for one had great difficulty avoiding the enticements to be selfish, greedy and a coward.

However, by the grace of God, I learned that we must not be afraid of threats to our livelihood and well-being. So, I for one cannot blame anyone for wanting to be rich. But you should blame yourselves for making the evil occupation of our land possible. Because you cannot do these things without playing straight into the hands of these evil, demonic so-called leaders of our societies and our nations. We must recall the words of Jesus to Pontius Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would certainly strive that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now my kingdom is not from hence." [St. John 18:36]

So that is why I know that eventually I have to die. Because I am trying to tell the truth. And the truth cannot be allowed to exist in an immoral, relativist world. Officially, somehow, someway I will become intolerable to the-powers-that-be. Don’t worry, they are ingenious at finding ways to persecute honest, God-fearing people. They will find such people guilty and then incarcerate these enemies of the people or worse for ‘crimes against humanity’; just as Nero declared against the Christians. And remember, as the world disintegrates, they will come for you next. If necessary they will blackmail you, confiscate your property or take hostages to compel you to capitulation.

Ironically, the strange thing is my forthcoming death makes me happy, perhaps God willing blessed. Or as St. James [2:5] said, "Hearken, my dearest brethren: hath not God chosen the poor in this world, rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which God hath promised to them that love him?"

Yours in Christ.--Nich


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