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I have grave things to tell you!

For the last several weeks I have felt an ill wind rising in many regions of this country. Disquiet is overtaking minds; doubt is gaining control of spirits. The authority, even the legitimacy of the government is made the subject of debate; ordered liberty is being compromised, or worse. Is this nation the USA or the Union of Soviet Socialists of America?


By Nich Flüe

In an atmosphere of false rumors and intrigues, the noble interests of loyal countrymen are growing discouraged. Others are trying to take their place without nobleness or with disinterestedness. So called conservative leaders are too often involved, even against the government, to justify self-styled interests which, in fact, amount to nothing more than appeals for indiscipline, disorder and national self-doubt.

A real uneasiness inflicts this nation. The reasons for this uneasiness are easy to understand. Cruel hours are always followed by difficult times.

While at the frontiers of the nation, where illegal immigration flourishes under the direction of nefarious “foreign” interests; which leaves the nation vulnerable, the war against the Luciferian New World Order goes on, ravaging society thoroughly from its economy to its family life and neighborly existence every day. Everybody wonders with anguish about the future of our country.

Some feel themselves betrayed; others think they are abandoned. Some wonder where their duty lies; others first seek their own interest.

The main stream media adds to this confusion of minds. As a result the sense of national interest in the end loses any justice and vigor. From this organized disorder of ideas and biased views springs disorder of affairs. Is this, indeed, the fate this country deserves?

I put this question to you. I ask you to measure its scope and answer it in the confines of your consciences.

Our relations with the rest of the world have deteriorated by design. This nation is not only morally bankrupt but presently is hanging by a thread economically tied to the money changers who rule over nations controlling their wealth and blossoming their debt beyond any ability to pay back principle and interest. Unfortunately, this country has been defined by a series of monetary and fiscal enslavement actions through legislation and regulations favoring a private banking cartel that essentially has enchained every citizen with an unbearable burden that will be inherited by future generations. This includes the growing bankruptcies of banks and the pending introduction of Central Bank Digital Currency with Communistic Social Management (“CBDC-SM”). Notice the growing number of nations, many our supposed allies, that are distancing themselves from US Petro Dollars and aligning themselves with China and Russia.

Dragging out this situation makes it that much harder to support in so far as it governs relations among great nations, alliances to cope with international issues and foreign threats and enemies.

We must be able to overcome a heavy heritage of distrust and selfish interests handed down by centuries of dissensions and quarrels instigated under the guise of racism, class warfare and religious bigotry to turn ourselves towards a broader and better perspective that can open up a reconciled nation to a comprehensive recovery.

That is the goal towards which this nation must head; but it is an immense labor, which requires on our part as much will as it does patience. Other tasks also absorb a gigantic effort in defense of our true allies and which ultimately can change the map of the world. However, we must remind ourselves of that old axiom which needs to be our nation’s top priority, “Physician, heal thyself.” Regarding our allies, our desires must be to (1) escape from these provisional relations with unreliable countries that pretend to be our partners; and (2) create more stable and productive ties with desirable partners without which a better, more peaceful and industrious world order cannot be constructed.

This nation’s main stream media is compromised. “Foreign” interests have acquired their control and are manipulating their agenda. Steps must be taken to remove these detrimental interests from ownership and influence. Only then can the media make a sincere effort to comprehend the quality of our souls and the destiny of a nation whose people, throughout the course of history have dedicated their life, liberty and happiness for the well-being of others, whose youth has been ravaged by wars all over the world, whose welfare has been troubled by the variety of world interests in whose various and sometimes conflicting interests sometimes needs assistance in moderation and cooperation from this nation to overcome their challenges.

It is apparent that our domestic difficulties have sprung above all from troubled minds, from lack of ordered liberty and corrupted leadership. Or to quote, General Omar Bradley, “We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.”

Our nation cares more about saving pets and animals, non-binary human classifications and transsexual surgery funded by tax dollars than it does of aborted babies and murder of babies after they are born. Need I say more? Planned Parenthood still gets federal and state funding.

We look to the government to order our existence and our lives. History proves that this is a monumental tragedy of the first order.

And the troops of the NWO are "Legion". I rank among them without exception all who subordinate the Judeo-Christian interests of the vast majority of the nation’s population to their luciferin personal and collective interests. They own the Mammon. They are the head of the permanent interests of the State. They are Goyim Freemasonry and Talmudic Jewry. They control the political parties and are attached to an order of which they are the only beneficiaries and masters--or those who have subordinated the interests of the nation to foreign and demonic interests.

A long battle awaits and is needed to overcome the resistance of all these opponents of the nation, but we must start now to smash their undertakings by decimating their leaders. Yes, I said decimation. It includes not only disenfranchising them from their wealth and power, but if necessary, removing them from society as well.

If this nation does not understand that she is compromised at the very least by the impact of events that have changed her regime, and effectively her Constitution since its founding, then she will see open up before her the abyss which many nations have tragically experienced, for example, Ukraine, Russia, China, Cambodia, Somalia, Venezuela, North Korea, etc. An abattoir will ensue and the chastisement, manmade, not God made, but by man’s own free will swallowed up this country.

As for the power of the cabal of commercial cartels, they are trying to assert themselves, using for their own ends, the institution of self-serving laws, regulations and court apologists. These demonic leaders and their commercial enterprises were created purposely by the global cabal of bankers and financiers, under the guise of improving the life and lifestyle of the population. Nowhere in the Constitution are there artificial personal rights delegated to corporate interests. Corporate rights should only pertained to business-related agreements and commerce. Yet, in 1886 in the Supreme Court case, Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, the Court granted the corporation the same rights as an individual under the 14th Amendment. Then in the 1970s the Supreme Court expanded corporate rights to spend money on state ballot initiatives. Then in 2010 in the Citizens United case the Court expanded corporate rights further granting them the right to spend money on political candidates in federal, state and local elections. See where this has gone? We must understand that this is a Faustian bargain. The ultimate design of this cabal is the loss, not only of life, but of eternal happiness. They are members of the devil’s legion and they are many. Their kingdom is this world, not the hereafter.

Where are the leaders of our government, Federal, State and Local? The choice of members for these assignments are determined generally in advance by the powers that be. By the way, Trump was not their choice and that is why they fought so viciously and defrauded the electorate in the 2020 election. As Newt Gingrich said on Fox News during the 2015 Republican Primaries, “Trump is not a member of the club”. Regardless, the choice of members for government positions is difficult, if not impossible for someone not a club member. It is not always possible to find impartiality and competence united within the same minds. Look how difficult Trump had to deal with Cabinet and Senior Members and RINOs in Congress. Then, look at all the federal workers; especially at the senior levels to encourage political meddling who are recruited and vetted by the Senior Executive Services. These provisional bodies created under the sway of a pressing need have been too numerous, too centralized, too unwieldy and too corrupt. And regarding the federal courts go read Ahead Of The Parade by Sherman H. Skolnick published in 2003. Learn how potential federal judges bribed certain interested parties by the millions to be nominated and approved. Once in office, they in turn required bribes from litigants and defendants to influence their decisions. These and all judges assume too much authority and often inadmissible, unconstitutional control. Look at all the state and county "Tracers" funded by tens of millions of government dollars who are intimidating or worse, small and medium family-owned business. Why do large corporate entities have immunity from such regulations and intimidation? Why does Big Pharma have immunity for the Kill-Shot? Where in the Constitution is this maniacal behavior explicitly authorized. Since when are "Executive Orders" constitutional? If lockdowns are needed, why did more people die in states that locked down than those that didn't?

In the light of experience and what is made manifestly obvious, diligent and painful work needs to be undertaken, which includes a war against selfish and blind capitalism that corrupts then directs the sovereign authorities of this nation. What the public refuses to accept is that this nation is in a war; a Civil War where violence and death already has claimed millions of victims. Millions you say? Over 60 million abortions, millions of violent deaths and drug overdoses in the cities since the 1960s, tens of thousands of deaths and maiming of inoculants already from the Covid-19 “unapproved by the CDC” so-called vaccine but is better understood as a Kill-Shot. Look at the violence on the borders. Look at all the child abductions and pedophilia in all segments of society. The sad truth is that the public-at-large prefers to ignore what is obvious or simply say, “It is what it is.” Talk about a fatalistic attitude. Nietzsche would be proud. The “Supermen” are winning and the general public is about to be pushed off a cliff.

Trouble getting toilet paper or food essentials? Are prices repeatedly going higher? Irresponsible regulatory and trade organizations, governed by commercial considerations, have too long been directing our food supply. Sustainable? GMO? The whole supply chain is controlled by usurious cartels from production to distribution to retail sales in cooperation with corrupt government regulatory bodies, advertising and public relations and the main stream media. Anti-trust initiatives, like dismembership of these cartels with sanctions and penalties including incarceration must be instituted. Productive and thriving agriculture requires a business model that encourages family ownership and continuous innovation with government endorsement and financial support to eliminate usury terms and conditions imposed by financial institutions. For example, look how the G.I. Bill of Rights helped World War II veterans finance owning and operating a farm. Distribution requires completion across the board, not centralization. Economies of scales do have negative consequences for farmers, distributors and retailers. Large corporate cooperatives (cartels) essentially dominate agriculture. Ultimately this impacts communities. This is why the current business models, including agriculture, more and more reflect the Walmart mentality. Small business owners cannot compete. With the collapse of competition, economic logic dictates that the remaining cartels become inefficient. Where? Look at the loss of employment and career opportunities, the growing lack of variety of competitive products and services, and the intentional vagueness of what a product is. For example, why do none of the fast food chains advertise what type of meat they are serving, for example, USDA Prime or Choice? Is the meat a by-product or does it contain a combination of meat by-products, vegetable ingredients (e.g. Burger King) or perhaps even insects [initiative underway in Illinois]?

And then there are the service providers, that is, cable, phone, internet and social media outlets. They were purposely financed by the banking cartels and Wall Street to promote the agenda of the Luciferin New World Order. These cartels not only ignore any government oversight, they promote immoral and destructive behavior across all segments of society. These entities must be broken up, their leaders disenfranchised, and if necessary, their wealth and power confiscated by the government. In some cases the executives should be incarcerated.

The same could be said for most .org entities and 501cc enterprises. There is no such thing as “Not for Profit”. "But wait a minute, Nich? What about St. Jude's,? Don't they do good?" Really? Are you so ignorant? In 2021 St. Jude Children Research Hospital received over $300 Million donation from one contributor. Making over $2.3 Billion a year in revenue, they pay their advertisers hundreds of millions. The families apparently do not pay a cent. So what. They are an institution that feeds off the general public teat. What do their executives and administrators make? General and Administrative earn over 13-percent of revenue. That is hideous by any business practice. The institution acquires over $2 billion a year in funding. Do the math! According to their own financial disclosures, patient care expense is less than 30-percent. They are spending over $412 Million on a new research facility. They love to quote that child cancer survival rate has improved from 20% in 1962 to nearly 80% today. What they do not explain is how much of that is leveraged off of and contributed by research facilities outside of St. Jude. They claim their salaries fall within 50-75 percentile of the so-called market average. Really? Thirteen percent G&A? So where is all the money going? With all due respect to the late Danny Thomas and the ALSAC, this enterprise makes a profit. Wanna be a charity? Come see me when over 70-percent of the funds are for patient care.

How about William Donahue's 501cc Catholic League? Ever peek into its financial books? It appears that Mr. Donahue takes a hefty $500 Thousand-plus yearly compensation and the entity has over at least $35 Million bankrolled. His senior staff is generously compensated as well. For what?

Wanna see what a charitable individualist in Christ is like? Go look up Dr. Samuel Chachoua. He spent his entire adult life using HIS MONEY (in the millions) to design cures for HIV, cancer, heart disease and a host of other diseases. He succeeded building sera and vaccines based on his discovery of Induced Remission Therapy ("IRT") that actually cures terminally ill patients. His documentary evidence is astounding. What did he receive for his meritorious efforts? Persecution. Car bombings. Personal and professional libelous accusations. His sera and vaccine cultures stolen. Yes, Dr. Chachoua is an individualist who presently is suffering extreme physical pain from the car bombing and mental cruelty by the established medical profession for his longing to alleviate the sufferings of the ill. He is my idea of what is a great human being.

Remember, all corporate entities seek profits. If they do not distribute the profits to their investors, they reinvest it in their executives (compensation), employees and operations to insure that they appear to be non-profitable. With all the trillions in funding for medical research since the second half of the 20th Century, where are the cures. Don't hold your breath. The business calculus of big pharma, the medical research community and associated .orgs is self- perpetuation. The last thing they want are cures.

And yes, they invest money in influence peddling in the political arena and in a number of extremist anti-American entities, e.g. Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Look at all the foundations from Rockefeller to Ford, Pillsbury, Soros, etc. This also includes groups like the Council of Foreign Relations and Political Action Committees. Tax laws need to be modified to eliminate this preferential treatment. Laws need to be enacted to preclude such organizations from influencing national and local interests. And, in a number of cases there is justification for disenfranchisement of their power and confiscation of the wealth of their leaders by the government and even incarceration.

What about the religious segment of society, clergy, rabbi, religious institutions? Think that scandal is only in the Roman Catholic Church? Think again. Look at how pervasive the issue of Jewish pedophilia is in America; where even CBS and the Jewish Community Watch report on the number of over 60 Rabbis and teachers since 2012 from Brooklyn, New York to Los Angeles, California have fled to Israel to avoid extradition over child pedophilia charges. And this problem extends beyond America to as far away as Melbourne, Australia. And like the Catholic Church, the Jewish religious leadership is silent as well. It is all over Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Islamic and other denominations, too. Billions in civil lawsuit payouts and all the religious leaders typically do when compelled by public furor is write pathetic apology letters to their congregants. The violators remain protected within the institutional walls. Can one not imagine why religious vocations in the Roman Catholic Church are not encouraged by Catholic parents? These problems persist because this nation has turned its back on God and His laws and precepts.

Turn our backs? Look how educational institutions are formally permitting satanic clubs in schools, even down to the grade school level. Look at all the satanic temples popping up throughout the country. How about the spread of national and regional satanic conferences, for example in Boston? Where are the Catholic bishops? Where are all these so-called militant Catholic apostolates and Catholic media leaders (too busy with their own “sandbox”)? Why wasn’t there a Catholic Eucharistic Monstrance/ Procession outside the conference in Boston (it was done before in Boston, remember)? Where was the right reverend Franklin Graham and his protestant buddies? I noticed recently a 7th NHL playoff game at the Prudential “Rock” coliseum between the Rangers and the Devils that over 10,000 fans were screaming in union, “Let’s go Devils” over and over again. Really? I bet many of these fans claim they are Christian. Why haven’t the Catholic Bishops denounced and call for a boycott of the Devils franchise? While they are at it why not boycott Duke Blue Devils, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, and any other school that promotes/ idolizes the devil? Does anyone not think that Lucifer is delighted by such behavior? Is this a violation of the First Commandment? “Oh Nich, it is only a game.” Get real, it idolizes the Devil. What a pathetic display of demonism.

And these type of issues are all over the educational system from K-12 and throughout collegiate institutions as well. Why are Catholic educational institutions teaching evolution? Question: Who did Karl Marx wanted to dedicate his book Das Kapital to? How many Catholic educational institutions utilize material from The Kolbe Center For The Study of Creation to refute evolution and reaffirm what the Word of God teaches in the Old Testament? Look at the picture(s) of cretaceous rock with dinosaur and human imprints on it from the Paluxy Riverbed in Texas. Look at all the abundant worldwide evidence regarding the cataclysmic events surrounding the Great Deluge. Ancient civilizations from all over the world refer to the Flood. Humans evolving from apes? Give me a break! Believe in this tripe and man is no different from any other creature. God did not create Adam out of the dirt of the earth. God did not breathe into Adam’s nostrils to give him life and a soul. Religion is nothing more than social management. Evolution, is the fallacious foundation of all education from the Big Bang Theory to UFOs. Go watch the movie, The Principle, a 2014 American independent film produced by Rick DeLano and Robert Sungenis. It rejects the Copernican principle and with logic and data-based scientific evidence effectively supports the principle that Earth is at the center of the Universe. Whoa, that’s a game changer!

The root of the rot is multi-faceted. Let's begin by asking where in the Constitution does it explicitly assign government to finance and manage education? Where in the Constitution does it explicitly assign a marriage license and divorce decree to the government? Whatever happened to the Castle Doctrine? Where in the Constitution does it empower federal, state and local governments to put a lien on one’s home and personal property? Is it a coincidence that the liberalization of divorce, contraception and abortion combined with federal, state and local financing has a causal relationship to the sky rocketing growth of immoral and now state approved behavior from drug use (e.g., marijuana) to homosexuality to pedophilia to child abduction and prostitution?

Yes, we are suffering, but we must not display and utilize our suffering as a political pawn in front of the scandal of fortunes built out of the general misery of our nation. It would be all the more revolting, inasmuch as this nation has in the past accomplished, despite even privations and the most difficult of conditions, enormous progress due to the efforts of an industrious and enterprising society of times past. Fundamental changes for the better can only be achieved by first turning our minds and souls back to God. We must reunite with His will, follow His Decalogue and beg His forgiveness for our nationwide failings. We must love God first and our neighbor as ourselves, but in a traditional Judeo-Christian framework.


It is no accident that Scripture, Tradition and Prophecies agree that the world and our nation are on a horrific precipice about to fall into a nightmare chastisement.

A best-selling Catholic author asked me to consider producing a video on how to cope with the Chastisement. I replied with the above and noted that the only remaining avenue of hope appears to be The Warning. Why? Because all of mankind needs a wake-up call.

Regardless, this ultimately will require a mutiny from the current forces that dominate society. One way or another, it will be very painful; but is it not preferred to obtain ultimately “The Eternal Prize”? Did Jesus not say, “My kingdom is not of this world”? Perhaps we do not appreciate the ramification of those words. Did he not say, “Remember my word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also.”

Starting with the Protestant revolution, why is it that the Corpus on the Cross was removed? Why was the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass removed with the Traditional Latin Mass suppressed replaced with a Eucharistic liturgy and meal?

How many times have sorrowful Catholics and Protestants say, “Why does God allow this to happen?” When was the last time Christians have read the Book of Job and contemplated what it teaches? Why were senior citizens in such a hysteria over demanding the Covid-19 Kill-Shot, not just for themselves, but for everyone else? Where is the desire for God and Heaven gone?

When a person realizes the precarious situation that has befallen this nation, there is no sacrifice that he or she can evade. Silence and acquiescence are not an option. The only concern must be the public’s salvation.

In 1946 Sr. Lucia dos Santos of Our Lady of Fatima told Father Manuel Rocha and author William Thomas Walsh that every country without exception would be overcome by communism. When Walsh wanted to be explicit with regards to the USA he repeated the question adding, “And does that mean the United States of America, too?” She answered, “Yes”. This may have been unbelievable in 1946, but is not so far-fetched today is it not? Is our country now the Union of Soviet Socialists of America?

In conclusion, remember this: If a beaten country is divided against itself it dies. If a beaten country can unite under the banner of God and country, it is reborn. May God help us.


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