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Corruption and Suffering

by Nich Fluh

Tormented to death by a heavy persecution

The Church will die a noble death

In the struggle for the Church’s cause

It finds only foes, no friends

Because the Cross weighs heavy from the traitors within

Modern day “Judas” steeped in sin

Snicker with pleasure as Lucifer’s own

Never realizing the eternal harm they have sown

And we, the so-called remnant gaze from outside

As the Enemy scourges the Church cruelly with delight

The remnant can barely stay awake during this night

Could you not watch one hour with me this night?

In fright the remnant then run away

Scared of what becomes of the Church this day

The Church will be judged as Christ once was

By the Luciferian New World Order that despises The Anointed One

It will be crowned with thorns by worldly men

And placed before the mob, the media and even its friends

The collective shout repeats the same old sin

“Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" in unison is said

And so it shall be because it is deemed so

That the Church must suffer Christ’s Passion as He did before

Then return in glory as God wills it so. Amen


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