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The Challenge of Coronavirus Tyranny: Martyrdom?

I wish to pose the question, how do Catholics address the apparent tyranny of the communist globalists worldwide who are using our governments, federal, state and local, to coerce us to comply with their immoral orders? Do we take up arms and fight? Or do we lay down like lambs, just as Christ did? This comes to mind particularly to me because of the Epistle read last Sunday, May 3rd, to wit:

First Epistle of St. Peter 2:13-25

[13] Be ye subject therefore to every human creature for God's sake: whether it be to the king as excelling; [14] Or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of the good: [15] For so is the will of God, that by doing well you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: [16] As free, and not as making liberty a cloak for malice, but as the servants of God. [17] Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king. [18] Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear, not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward. [19] For this is thankworthy, if for conscience towards God, a man endure sorrows, suffering wrongfully. [20] For what glory is it, if committing sin, and being buffeted for it, you endure? But if doing well you suffer patiently; this is thankworthy before God.

[21] For unto this are you called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving you an example that you should follow his steps. [22] Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth. [23] Who, when he was reviled, did not revile: when he suffered, he threatened not: but delivered himself to him that judged him unjustly. [24] Who his own self bore our sins in his body upon the tree: that we, being dead to sins, should live to justice: by whose stripes you were healed. [25] For you were as sheep going astray; but you are now converted to the shepherd and bishop of your souls.

When I see what is going on, particularly in America, where individuals are arrested, fined and imprisoned for conducting, for example, an outdoor prayer service, or opening a store in a community against “orders” I realize that all those, who do wrong internally, but externally profess respect for religion and love for God, are like the Jews in Jesus’ time. These same hypocrites justify/promote/allow aberrant sexual behavior, drugs, gang violence, divorce, abortion, usury, perverse entertainment, defecation in the streets, Satanism as a religion, etc.

And then I hear the masses say, “It is what it is.” What a tragedy. Dostoevsky was right. Make us slaves, just feed us [and give us entertainment]. How can God and His light enter where there is no more room for them, and doors and windows are closed and defended by pride, by humanity, by vice, by usury, by so many guards at the service of Satan?

So, when the crowds are perverted and the leaders have become devils, there is nothing easier than accusing innocent citizens to give vent to their thirst for ferocity and usurpation, and to get rid of those who are an obstacle and a judgement. Have you seen the reports of U.S. state government plans to recruit hundreds of thousands of “Tracers” to inforce testing and, if necessary incarceration initially of suspected Covid infected individuals? We truly have gone back to days where the world, after an incubation of perverted ideas, is exploding into a disarray of satanic orgies. Like a huge pregnant whore about to give birth, the general population after nourishing its monster in its womb with doctrines of rabid beasts, gives birth to hideous new world, satanic order that wants to devour all mankind for eternity. And the initial targets of this beast is what remnant remains of any good Catholic shepherds and sheep first. Abomination of Desolation?

What is a devout Catholic to do? At what point for example, do we either, take the microchip contained in the mandatory vaccine [Mark of the Beast], take arms and resist, or just lock ourselves up and pray awaiting arrest, a concentration camp or death like a lamb?

Do devout Catholics take arms and when? I appreciate the Catholic principle of justification to go to war. But, is that what Jesus wants of us? Reading St. Peter’s Epistle above causes me to pause and reflect.

Ironically, if I was young and single today, I probably would go to Brittany, France, be a hermit like St. Nicholas of Fluh and await in prayer the appearance of the Great Monarch.

My God, these times are so disturbing. God help us. Yours in Christ.--Nich


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