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The Day of Wrath Or The Hand of God on an Empire

This publication of a manuscript originally was written by a Jew who converted to Roman Catholicism. It was written at the end of the 18th Century. The deceased Maronite Catholic wife of this author/seer named Zacharie (she evidently died at childbirth) convinced him before she died to convert to the one, true faith. He, in turn, convinced his father, Loammi to convert to Catholicism on his deathbed.

Zacharie lived a very ascetic life. After his daughter, Angelie, died in her teens, he apparently lived like a hermit; perhaps even like a Nazarite. e.g., John the Baptist. He eventually befriended an ‘Anchorite’, that is, another holy hermit. Shortly before he died, he gave a manuscript to the Anchorite of the visions and messages he purportedly received from God and asked this Anchorite to take it to a Catholic priest. The manuscript was written in French. The priest, Abbé Fatacioli, who received the manuscript from the Anchorite, had a publisher in Paris produce a book by the title noted above in 1856.

I recently obtained this book to review and scrutinize. First impression is, it is clear that the publisher did a somewhat average, if not poor effort of editing before publishing. It is clear to me that out of expediency or cost or whatever, the publisher made many sloppy decisions in transference of the manuscript to type. I believe that the primary cause is probably the nature and condition of the manuscript itself, that is, its physical condition and the penmanship of the author. Therefore, I spent considerable effort to translate the book from French to English, and comprehensively edited the manuscript. This includes, but is not limited to, incorrect sentence structure, incorrect use of pronouns, inadequate application of idioms, expressions, colloquialisms, compound words, and the proper ‘tense’ of verbs.

In recent decades numerous Catholics, including priests, have referred to the prophecies and images in this book in a sensational manner without merit, for example claims of the use of the word ‘missiles’ and world war among Russia, China and the USA. Ironically, in many, if not all cases they had not even read the book.

My objective in this effort is hopefully, to represent what Zacharie the seer originally wished to communicate in writing. Upon reflection, I believe the effort is successful.

Like the Book of Revelations, this manuscript is apocalyptic. Also, the author uses many symbols which appear to mirror the images that exist in the Book of Revelations. This does not mean that this book is a derivative or convoluted copy of the Book of Revelations. On the contrary, it utilizes many of the images, for example, the ‘Dragon’, as a reference; providing a complementary explanation of the many battles among God, the Angels, Devils, Anti-Christ and mankind over the course of human history, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I can say unequivocally that this book is very applicable to today’s troubled end times. I encourage devout Christians to take the time to read carefully and contemplate the messages and images that this book offers.

The theme of this book revolves primarily around two visions focused on the “Empire of Aquilon” which the author claims is RUSSIA.

I cannot help but think about (1) the tragic history of the empire of Russia and its czars, (2) Our Lady of Fatima’s prophecies and messages regarding the atheistic evolution of Russia and its spreading of communistic ‘error’ all over the world; and (3) that God wills that Russia be consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart for the sake of its conversion and salvation of all mankind. By the way, few readers will appreciate that the author admired Tsar Alexander I (who converted to Roman Catholicism just before he was assassinated).

The Seer of Judah reveals that the mystery of iniquity continually evolves and establishes the ‘Dragon’ within a home, being the empire of Aquilon, that is, RUSSIA. After many battles with Christians loyal to God and their countries, particularly, Spain and France, the Dragon is predicted to succeed.

Think about it. Our Lady of Fatima said that “Russia would spread its error…” Has Russia not succeeded? Has communism not succeeded worldwide as the late Sr. Lucia dos Santos of Fatima foretold? In 1946 she informed Fr. Manual Rocha and Thomas Walsh in an interview that this includes America. Is America not communist? Conchita Gonzales and the late Mari Loli of Garabandal foretold that one of the three criteria for ‘The Warning’ would be the worldwide acceptance of communism. Mankind is awfully close to this enormous worldwide event.

The book illustrates in thorough details the tragedy of how good nations failed to completely annihilate the dragon when the opportunity manifested itself throughout history. God foresaw this and interestingly, punished such nations for their lapse in good judgement. Spain and France are particularly cited in this regard. To wit:

Everything must go through the fire of purification. And you also, O reckless nations (France and Iberia), because you were weak in heart, and had compassion, and made a pact with evil, you will be tested and you will be punished according to the measure of your sins.”

Also, there is ample illustrations/ predictions regarding the corruption of Rome, the Vatican and the Catholic Church, the consequences of which are frightening.

Zacharie had terrific visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God; Her unique and singular privilege among all creatures, and her extraordinary means to plea with God on behalf of mankind. He illustrates that She is Co-Advocate and Co-Mediatrix before the Holy Trinity. He illustrates that She appeases God’s wrath innumerable times.

Yet, it is mankind’s incessant ingratitude, especially among the so-called faithful that ultimately causes Mary to relent and let God’s justice prevail. To quote Zacharie: But in the end the iniquities of all the earth abounded: divine fury had accumulated like the force of flames in the fiery furnaces, and the woman of heaven no longer had the power to hold back the mighty impetuous hand of God.”

Woe to the world! Woe to all mankind! Woe to poor sinners and souls for death and judgement are sudden and swift!

As regards the Church, Jesus swears to St. Peter, son of Cephas: Fear not: I will come to your aid, and you will see what the Lord does when he comes in his fury. Peoples without piety, I will plunge them into unheard-of disasters; I will devour per fide men, and I will shatter princes without wisdom. I will come against kings, and I will throw them like a flaming ball that will die in the enemy camp. I swear, saith the Lord God, I will avenge myself on my enemies, because they have long reproached me, and I have waited in vainPeter, son of Cephas, fear not: raise your standard and walk: victory and eternity are given to you.”

And the empire of Aquilon? “Woe to the Empire of Aquilon! The trembling skies and the terrified earth answered the voice, and repeated, Woe! Misfortune!”

And what about America? The prophecy that follows was written around 1800. Take note because it particularly describes accurately our nation and its culture today: “As for the people of the new world, whom vast ambition and secular projects had rendered, at the same time too guilty, blind and foolish, I saw that after a horrible struggle between might and might, superb and superb, tyranny and tyranny, he too fell under the dragon, and received, as the price of his mad cooperation, devouring chains. With him fell under the domination of the firstborn of the underworld all the other peoples of these places, too early aged by civilization and iniquities, with all the islands of these two limitless seas which envelop the globe from the East to the West.”


The inevitable climax and victory over the Dragon and the Anti-Christ is directly attributable to St. Michael the Archangel who cried out. “Who is like the Most High?”

I found particularly appealing the Fatal Voice of Punishment was not silent when it appeared St. Michael was finished. Instead He kept repeating to St. Michael: It is not done: Knock again, knock again. (This means total annihilation and evisceration.)

It was truly gratifying to see that in the end, God wins.



Nich Flüe

ps: A pdf copy of the book will be published on the website referenced above.


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