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The World Will Lose Order & Reduce Humanity Into Desolation

September 13,2020, TradCatKnight

By: Eric Gajewski

One of the key note speakers for this Saturday’s “Rome Will Lose The Faith Conference” will be Nick Flue. I strongly encourage you to sign up at

Nick was just on the podcast program the other day to help break down the Day of the Lord or otherwise known as the 3 Days of Darkness. We broke down how the 3 days of darkness was found in Scripture, Tradition and recorded by notable Popes even. In more recent times the Warnings have gotten louder and louder as the Blessed Virgin Mary has been trying to gain the attention of a very distracted world.

These warnings largely go unheard and as you know an Eagle has been crying from on high in regards to the call to repentance AND preparation. I will cover this in my portion of the Web-conference this Saturday.

One of those who has forewarned us as Nick pointed out has been Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora. She seemingly takes a back seat to Marie-Julie Jahenny these days but she should not. We covered interesting details of her revelations which were transmitted by the Blessed Virgin Mary and they are frightening if one doesn’t remain in SUPREME CONFIDENCE in God. The Blessed Virgin Mary WILL protect us if we remain faithful to the Catholic Faith and her Son. She will spread her mantle over our homes and communities just like she did during World War II in Japan for those faithful Jesuit priests saying the Rosary.

The part I wanted to cover today is in regards to the world losing its order. It goes like this:

Canori-Mora: “Clothed in His inexorable Justice and full of indignation, He (God) turned to the world. (Editor comment: OMG!) At that moment all nature went into convulsions, the world lost its normal order and was filled with the most terrible calamity imaginable. This will be something so deplorable and atrocious that it will reduce the world to the ultimate depths of desolation…”

Today on twitter one of the top hashtag trends was #signstheapocalypsehasarrived and of course people were largely making fun of what is happening in the world from the wildfires out west to earthquakes in New Jersey to hundreds of birds just dropping dead out of the skies in certain locales where many were having a good laugh. Perhaps having a sense of humor can get one along for a little while but an Eagle's wings are made of Faith and Hope. As the world gets more liberal and as more conspire against Christ in this VERY late hour what should the world expect? Of course God will soon pour out His Wrath upon the nations but this is precisely what sets off these demoniacs.

They don’t want Catholicism. They don’t want the REAL Christ. They want science and technology and their opinion. The consensus of Catholic prophecy makes it clear that the earth changes will be so horrifying that many will die of fright alone. Christ also warns of this in Matthew 24/Luke 21. When Truth is not only rejected BUT also mocked it means it’s going to be a very bad time period for humanity worldwide.

Of course the New Age will try to convince people in the media, such as on FOX and CNN, that we are sinning against Mother Earth and that we will all need to come together in John Lennon like fashion to appease Mother GAIA. But we Eagles will have a different angle won't we? We need to keep preaching the truth even as the vast mass of souls fall into Hell due to their false doctrines and dancing with the devils.

When Christ is no longer proclaimed as King BY HIS OWN Scripture says the ROCKS WILL CRY OUT! I have covered this in podcasts and articles in times past and here is Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora telling us just how bad it will get. Right now depression and suicide rates are at an all-time high and the “PARTY” hasn’t even begun ladies and gentlemen.

Forget about pandemics, plagues and wars killing off people. People themselves will take their own lives not understanding what God is trying to accomplish. Many of those backing Trump now will soon fall into that category as God has already signed off on this country for the Chastisement it is OWED. Can any of us argue that the world has lost its normal order in the Christian sense?

Furthermore, we are just at the beginning of the earth changes where “nothing” will seemingly operate as it usually has. This past week out in Colorado and various other places out west the temperature dropped 70 degrees in less than a 24 hour period! That is truly unthinkable.

Think about the headline news as the West Coast is hit with the BIG ONE and Yellowstone then pops off while the New Madrid area opens up like a band aid and the east coast is overrun by tidal waves! People cannot truly comprehend the calamities to come as Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora warns.

It will get to such levels that she summarizes by saying the whole world will be reduced to UTTER DESOLATION!

Now we Catholics, of course, have the answer with our wings of Faith and Hope. We have great reads such as the Dark Night of the Soul as a guide and perhaps my book can be of some assistance in the future. A DARK NIGHT is descending upon the world and your everyday person is puzzled. How can this be happening amidst our technocratic socialist utopia we are creating? This can be reduced very simply to a sin problem. Disordered hearts create a disordered society and the ONLY WAY now is for God to intervene. There is no other way much to the dismay of the Neo-con right.

This is why I have been preaching to you for years to first prepare your home as a fortress but also pray for the grace to accept silence and solitude. You must find your own island with John of the Apocalypse, an eagle, who read, wrote and contemplated.

For many years before even taking to the internet this is all I did. A process of holy suffering, purifying then writing then furthering my heart closer to His UNTIL WE ARE COMPLETELY PURGED of every impediment in our flight to perfection as Eagles. Let us meditate upon this reassurance that we are not like the world and prepare our hearts now before the Great Storm even hits.

Ave Maria!


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